Change is Another Word for Growth by Jackie Stewart

I first met Jackie Stewart and her business partner, Jason Smalley, through a magical online course that they teach called Barefoot Breathing.  As I got to know Jackie better, I learned that she also concocts Bach Flower Remedies.  She told me that they work on us energetically.  She graciously volunteered to write a guest post on flower essences and change.

I’m so blessed to have fascinating friends from around the world!

In December the tree outside my bedroom window became my advent calendar as I counted its diminishing berries each morning. Finally one day all the berries were gone and then…..

I noticed that while I had been focused on the berries, buds were developing all the time. I was so focused on one colourful, obvious change that I hadn’t noticed another gentle, incremental daily change happening right in front of my eyes.

It’s like this in life – often we focus on the more dramatic changes without realising that the subtle wave of change is moving through our lives in other ways unnoticed. Most of us feel comfortable with subtle change because it happens the way it does in nature – organically, slowly, almost imperceptibly. Yet we often find it difficult to navigate the big changes of life with the same grace and trust.

Flower essences are a wonderful resource for initiating and embracing change because they support us emotionally to move with the rhythm of life, seeing the bigger picture from a soul perspective.  I’ve been using flower essences for almost 20 years so I want to tell you about my favourite essences for embracing change.

Flower essence support for all kinds of change

Walnut is a Bach Flower Remedy, originally made by medical doctor Edward Bach in England in the 1930s and used worldwide to this day. Walnut is THE most important flower essence for any transition, either planned or unplanned.

You can use it for all life transitions like moving home, changing job, discovering you’re pregnant, going through menopause, getting divorced. The tiny sticky walnut flowers are womb-like in shape, a visual reminder of how walnut’s very essence is to offer protection through the organic process of change.

Bach described walnut as giving ‘constancy and protection from outside influences’ so it helps you stay strong and sure of yourself amidst change.

Walnut is a wonderful essence for children adjusting to a new sibling or starting school or coping with divorce at home.

With walnut flower remedy, you’ll keep moving fluidly through your life without getting stuck and you’ll embrace new opportunities with excitement rather than fear.  Walnut is the best flower essence to support you through any change and, because change is inevitable, this is a wonderful essence to use regularly.

There are many flower essences for specific types of change and the emotional responses we experience when we’re faced with transitions. The key to success with flower essences (as in homeopathy) is choosing those that best match your personality and how you’re feeling. Two of my favourite flower essences for change are snowdrop for surrendering to the natural flow of life even when it’s painful and elderflower for trusting that everything is going to be OK.

Flower essence support for loss – changes we don’t choose

Loss of someone we love through death or the loss of a relationship or home or job can be incredibly painful and difficult changes to experience.

Snowdrop flower essence eases the pain of loss, enabling us to accept the flow of life and allowing our joy and optimism to return.

Loss is part of the natural flow of life and when we accept and integrate loss we join the flow. When we resist our acceptance of loss we stay stuck and frozen, unable to move with life’s rhythm.

Look at the snowdrop flower like frozen teardrops that need to melt and be shed, reminding us to surrender and express our grief so we can move on. Snowdrop flower essence helps us to accept things exactly as they are and experience new levels of awareness and understanding as we move into the next phase of our journey.  It helps us remember that there always is another phase of the journey waiting for us as we move through the grief.

Flower essence support for doing something new – changes we choose

When our souls call us to initiate change in our lives, our personalities offer up all kinds of resistance to moving out of the comfort zone. We may know in our hearts that we need to end a relationship or take a different career path or move somewhere new but we can still struggle to take action.

Often we falter in doing something new because we’re scared in case it won’t work out. If we were all able to jump in a time machine, fast forward into the future and see that everything worked out absolutely fine then we would be much more likely to make the leaps of faith our souls call us to.

This is where elder flower essence is so helpful – it brings feelings of inner security, so that you will know on a very deep level that all your needs will be provided for and all will be well. It’s often only when we look back on our lives that we see that everything happened exactly how it needed to for our soul growth. Elder flower essence embeds the qualities of trust and faith in your energy field here and now, so you can embrace the change your soul calls you to do. Look at the light in the flowers, shining bright like your soul light guiding you through the resistance and fears.

Life flows much more easily when we embrace change, and flower essences are wonderful tools to guide us through the resistance so we can experience the soul growth we’re here for.

Click here to buy flower essences from my favourite supplier, Crystal Herbs (this is an affiliate link so I receive a small commission from each sale).

Click here to visit the same site without the affiliate link.


All images courtesy of Jason Smalley (www.jasonsmalley.co.uk) except elder flower from Wikimedia commons.


About Jackie

Jackie Stewart is a soul whisperer, barefoot breather and nature spirit who has been holding sacred space for people to heal since 1999. Jackie uses flower and crystal essences, spiritual counselling, guided meditation and energy work with clients worldwide by email, phone and in person. Receive free soul medicine from your personal healing flower when you sign up to Jackie’s mailing list at www.flowerspirit.co.uk

Twitter:  jsflowerspirit

Facebook:  jsflowerspirit


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  1. daphne

    the berry tree metaphor was such a beautiful way of thinking of the big and small changes in life and as I read your post I thought to myself, “yes, even as I focus on the huge changes happening, there are so many small changes that I often don’t acknowledge or even notice.” I so appreciated the reminder.

    And thank you for sharing about Bach Flower Essences. I know so little about them.

    The Pleasure Nutritionist
    daphne recently posted..Cleansing and Raw Foods: Week ThreeMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      It’s pretty hard to miss the big changes, Daphne, but, you’re right, the little ones just slip by if we don’t pay attention.

  2. Petrea

    I too love your metaphor Jackie. It makes me think of how I often feel like nothing is happening because there is a lull, and its easy to forget that those little changes that are almost not noticeable are what makes the “big” changes happen.

    “It’s often only when we look back on our lives that we see that everything happened exactly how it needed to for our soul growth.” So beautifully put. I love reading about flower essences, though I don’t know much about them other than the mainstream stuff on essential oils.

    Thanks for sharing this post!
    Petrea recently posted..The Balancing ActMy Profile

  3. Loran Hills

    Jackie and I have been talking about another guest post on flower essences. I don’t know much either but I’m willing to learn! Anyone else?

  4. Carrie

    Yes. I too know so little about flower essences but after reading Jackie’s post am intrigued by walnut & snodrop. Thank you for sharing this info, & bringing her wisdom to us Loran!
    Carrie recently posted..Play It Forward: Moksha (Freedom)My Profile

  5. Jo

    Oh elder flower how I want to nuzzle up close to you!

    Thank you Jackie for another loving look at the power of our natural world <3
    Jo recently posted..Create BeautyMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      Lots of interest is growing here!

  6. karina

    Thank you for a beautifully written post, Jackie! I love the way you write and how you pay attention to Nature. It truly is an amazing friend : ). And Petrea, me too! I sometimes get frustrated that “nothing” is happening and later on I realise that life was preparing for something big to happen…

    I love flower essences! They are so subtle and yet so powerful. I have used them a lot as I have a friend who really knows how to add a large dose of magic into her blends (like Jackie : ). They work wonderfully on kids. They are so receptive to the essences.

    Love, Karina
    karina recently posted..Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for your Health & Wellness?My Profile

  7. Loran Hills

    Karina, I just started trying the flower essences. I began with Jackie’s Soul Blend for Self-Love. How long have you been using them?

  8. gina

    Really enjoyed reading this post. One thing you can bank on in life is change so I like to read other’s insights on the subject :).
    So change happens, then we resist it…..and suffer more……seems crazy when you really think about it, doesn’t it?! That we add suffering on top of the suffering already there……..I believe once we wrap our heads around this we’ll stop resisting the change :).
    gina recently posted..Turn On Your Humor Switch To Bust Through AnxietyMy Profile

  9. Loran Hills

    There is always change no matter what. You’re right, Gina. And, “resistance is futile!” (The Borg from Star Trek) Acceptance is the key. It takes a lot of practice to give up the suffering and the resisting though.

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    Appreciate it!

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