It’s May Day! Grand Prize Day and Live Event


Happy May Day!

The winner of Emmanuelle’s Clarity Session is Petrea Handsen Adamidis. Thank you, Emmanuelle.


Today wraps up the May Day Spring Extravaganza and Celebration.  It has been so much fun to share all the  wonderful gifts from my beautiful friends.  We are truly a global community here!

The Grand Prize Package includes:

The Journey Bundle from Loran’s Heart:  Receive The Spiral Journey, The Transformation Journey and The Retreat Journey!  All three e-books in a bundle help you improve your psychological and spiritual health. You will reflect on where you are, gain understanding about yourself and shift your energy.  You will receive a wealth of information about building skills for resolving issues, improving your sense of well being and reducing stress.

The Spiral Journey s a downloadable pdf filled with my photographs and prompts for writing in your journal.   Based on my 50 years of experience in journaling, it’s a guide that will take you through the seasons of  your life.  Let your hopes and dreams, your fears and successes pour out of you right into a journal designed by Laurie.

Laurie has donated a Collaged Journal for you to answer all your prompt questions as you explore your inner self.  This one-of-a-kind collaged 10.5 x 7.5 lined paper composition book journal was hand-made by Laurie, and features a photo copy of original photograph of hers, along with various ephemera including a foreign stamp, flower fairy book illustration, sheet music and poem quotation which reads: “And I will make thee beds of roses, and a thousand fragrant posies; a capful of flowers and a kirtle, embroider’d all with leaves of myrtle”. This unique journal would make a perfect companion for your “Spiral Journey” writing.

Laurie is a mixed media mermaid, photo-taking Goddess, junk collecting queen & spirit seeking soul sister. She is obsessed with the water, the mountains, the forest, the Space Needle, animals of all kinds, beach glass, stacks of books, sock monkeys, glitter sprinkling and her adorable grandson. Her bliss is making stuff, giving thanks, Dirty Chai lattes, going barefoot, and getting doggy kisses & hubby snuggles. Her fondest wish is to find joy in every little thing and to spread love and peace and smiles through creativity and compassion. And to go to Paris.

View her photography here or like her page on Facebook.



The Transformation Journey is an e-guide lovingly prepared to lead you through the deepest levels of change.  It’s not a goal-setting program.  This guide provides information and journaling prompts to teach you how to change from the inside out.

To augment your Transformation Journey, Gin White has donated a Transformation Meditation Chain.

This meditation chain was crafted with malachite beads and pewter charms. Its theme is transformation.

Malachite is an excellent stone for meditation, and it has been called a “stone of transformation.” It helps bring emotions and underlying stresses to the surface, clearing and freeing energy. It helps break unwanted patterns, and also helps with emotional balance, concentration, and stress relief. Malachite also symbolizes understanding one’s self and others.

The dragonfly symbolizes transformation. It represents the change in perspective that comes from a deeper self-realization and sense of self, and the change that comes from seeing a deeper meaning in life.

Gin is an energy worker, Reiki Master, published writer, certified intuitive consultant, holistic life coach, crystal healer, and aromatherapist. She offers gentle guidance to help you connect with your inner harmony.

Visit Gin’s Subtle Harmony website and blog  where she offers intuitive consultations, oracle readings, distant energy sessions, and ebooks. Her handcrafted meditation chains, jewelry, and other items can be found in her Subtle Harmony Etsy Shop – stop by and visit the site or the shop anytime!



The Retreat Journey is all about self-care and making yourself a priority.  Gina, from VedaSun, has donated the Golden Wave meditation for you.  Use this meditation to take a few moments out of your day to give yourself the gift of peace and solitude.  In less then 9 minutes, this guided visualization will help you release stress, renew your energy and revitalize your body and mind, giving you a new sense of aliveness.

Gina Rafkind, CPC is the Holistic Anxiety Coach + Chief Anxiety Buster at VedaSun. She helps creative women bust through anxiety so they can get moving on their dreams. Sign up for your free gift, the Anxiety Relief Toolkit at VedaSun.com.  You can also connect with Gina on Facebook and twitter.



And rounding out this astonishing basket of party favors is Jackie Flowerspirit.  She is donating a Soul Blend of your choice to complete this wonderful package for self-exploration and care.

 Jackie Stewart is a soul whisperer, barefoot breather and nature spirit who has been holding sacred space for people to heal since 1999. Jackie uses flower and crystal essences, spiritual counselling, guided meditation and energy work with clients worldwide by email, phone and in person. Receive free soul medicine from your personal healing flower when you sign up to Jackie’s mailing list.  You can also find her on Twitter  and Facebook.





All the entry rules from the last week still apply.  Leave a comment in this post and let me know where you connected or why you’d love to win the entire basket of today’s favors!  I will announce the winner of the Grand Prize tomorrow.


I’m using Calliflower for the group call.  Here is the registration link.

If you have a Skype account, you can add Calliflower as a contact and call in for free.  Chat with you on Tuesday evening my time!

Check this site to convert to your time zone.

Let’s talk!



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  1. Lindsay Drya

    What a wonderful contest! :)
    I’ve signed up to your newsletter, signed up for the newsletter of Jackie Stewart (following her at Twitter also) and following Vedasun at Twitter. I’m not sure if I can make it to the call because of my timezone, but I will sure try!

    Thank you! And a happy May Day / Beltane!
    Lindsay Drya recently posted..Portraits and Senses sharedMy Profile

  2. Loran Hills

    Thanks, Lindsay! That’s a downside to global friends, there’s no way we can all get together in the same time zone.

  3. Melissa Rainbow

    I signed up for your newsletter and have liked Subtle Harmony on FB! Beautiful treasures! <3

    1. Loran Hills

      You’re all signed up and ready to go!

  4. Jo

    Yay – it’s your coming our day! Congrats :)

    I’m connected to you/Loran’s Heart on FB, Twitter and Google+ and subscribe to your newsletter.
    Jo recently posted..Beltane OracleMy Profile

    1. Jo

      Oh duh – I forgot to mention who else I follow (was only thinking of you!). I follow Jackie on Twitter, FB and subscriber to her newsletter, follow Gin on Twitter & FB, follow Gina/Vedasun on Twitter & FB, and Emmanuelle & Laurie on Twitter.
      Jo recently posted..Beltane OracleMy Profile

  5. Lindsay Drya

    Oh forgot to mention, I also follow you at FB and Twitter. :)
    Lindsay Drya recently posted..Art PerformanceMy Profile

  6. Charlotte

    I’m signed up for your newsletter and follow you on Facebook and Twitter. I also follow Gina on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve liked Jackie on Facebook and shared the contest today. Would so love to win this one! Happy Beltane!
    Charlotte recently posted..Self care sunday – rainbows editionMy Profile

  7. Michelle M

    Congrats Loran on this wonderful event!!

    I’m hoping to make the live call – chatting with you is always so much fun!!

    I follow you everywhere and Gina and Jackie too already – I’m off to visit Gin and Laurie now!

  8. Melissa Prince

    It appears as if I am late to the party gorgeous friend!!

    Just wanting to add my excitement *and some rad dance moves* to your celebration here!

    I have been scanty on FB this past week so I will go share the last remaining hours of your extravaganza with my FB tribe now.

    Much love and warm blessings,
    Melissa Prince recently posted..CelebrateMy Profile

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