May Day Spring Extravaganza and Celebration Day Three!


 It’s Day Three of our celebration of Loran’s Heart Grand Re-opening!

The winner of Dionne’s Sanctuary for the Soul and Lori-Lyn’s Soul Spark Reading is Jo Crawford.   Thank you, Dee and Lori-Lynn!


Today’s gift comes to you from Karina’s Inner Space.  It’s an Angel Spirit reading from Karina Ladet.  Karina, originally from Sweden, is a channel, healer and a happy hippie-at-heart living a simple life in the south of France with her French husband and their two young children.  She offers one on one readings, workshop and a brand Communicate with your Spirit Guide e-course.  She offers Spiritual guidance concerning all types of questions:  love,work, money, relationships, spirituality and much more.  The messages from her guides and angels are also full of loving energy, offering you more faith and light in your life.

Thanks so much, Karina!

How to win her party favor?

  • Follow Karina’s Inner Space and sign up for her lovely angel newsletter.
  • Blog about the giveaway.
  • Tweet about the giveaway and please include the URL to this page. Using #lhlaunch and/or @fromLoransHeart will make this easier to find.  Multiple tweets are wonderful, but only one tweet per day counts as an entry.
  • Facebook about the giveaway. Again, only once per day counts as an entry.
  • And, if you haven’t already, you can create additional entries this way:
  • Sign up for Loran’s Heart newsletter and get a free journaling travel guide.
  • Follow fromLoransHeart on Twitter or google+
  • Like Loran’s Heart on Facebook.
  • Entries will be accept through 11:59 p.m. MST today. Check this site to convert to your time zone.
  • Commenting on the post counts as one entry.  Be sure to leave a comment about where you link in with Twitter, Facebook and/or google+ too.
  • Subscribing to Loran’s Heart counts as three entries. Use the subscribe box at the bottom of the paget, then please let me know in the comments you subscribed.
  • All entries will be entered into a spreadsheet and numbered, then a number will be chosen at randomizer.org
  • Winners will be contacted by email so please leave a valid email address with your entry.
  • In addition to being notified by email, each morning the winner of the previous day’s giveaway will be announced at the start of that days’ giveaway.
  • If the winner does not respond within 72 hours to claim the prize, the prize will be forfeited and go to another winner.
  • Physical prizes will be shipped after the mailing address is provided.
  • All entries leading up to May 1 will be entered into the final, grand prize drawing, with the exception of each day’s entry.  For example:  You entered 6 times on day 2, and won.  While your winning entry would be thrown out, your remaining 5 chances go into the final drawing.  Entering the day of the giveaway increases your odds of winning the final pot at the end.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  For each of your entries to count, please tell me about it in the comments below.  You need to do this whether you’re an existing subscriber/follower, or newly signing up today.   You can group all of your entries together in one comment, but if you don’t tell me about them, I won’t know!


Coming up tomorrow?  I will announce the winner and another party favor!  Click here to visit the summary page to see the winners and the generous donors coming up.  You’ll also find more details about the Grand Prize!


Every day your entries each day go towards winning this stunning collection of products to help you live an Enchanted Existence.


May Day (May 1, 2012) Grand Prize Package:

One copy Spiral Journey from me paired with one collaged journal by Lauri Z

One Transformation Journey from me paired with one transformation meditation chain from Gin White

One Retreat Journey from me and one Golden Wave Meditation from Gina Rafkind

One Soul Blend of your choice from Jackie Flowerspirit


AND A LIVE GROUP CALL IS SCHEDULED ON MAY 1 AT 6:15 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time!  Click here to find your time zone.

More information about the call will be coming soon.



Subscribe to the newsletter for 3 entries!!

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  1. Jackie

    You’re such a great party host Loran! I’d love to enter the giveaway. I’m already on your mailing list and follow you on Tiwtter/Facebook but I’ve signed up to follow Karina’s blog and receive her monthly love letter – I’ve been meaning to do that anyway so this was a perfect reminder. I’ve tweeted and will facebook later if I remember. Much love to you and Karina xxx
    Jackie recently posted..Postcards from the VoidMy Profile

    1. Karina

      Yes, Loran! You are giving a super generous party : ). Thank you for signing up for my Love Letter, Jackie and Loran. I love writing them and it makes me so happy to be able to share them with you : ).

      Love to both of you, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

  2. Loran Hills

    Thanks, Jackie! This has been fun to do. I’ll be sure to register all your entries!

    You’ll enjoy Karina’s monthly love letter. I know I do.

  3. Gin

    Loran, I am so impressed with how you’re keeping us with all of this! I’d love to enter today.

    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter and I follow Loran’s Heart on facebook and twitter.

    I tweeted this entry about today’s giveaway.

    I’ve shared this on my facebook page today.

    I’ve subscribed to receive Karina’s blog posts by email and I’ve just contacted her to ask to be subscribed to her love letter. – Oh – and as I was writing this, she responded and I’m now subscribed to the love letter… and she’s already sent my first one! (Thanks, Karina, for such a lovely and quick response!)

    Thanks for having such a fun party, Loran!
    Gin recently posted..simply be…My Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      So glad you are part of the party, Gin. I’ll add all your entries to my spreadsheet right now!

    2. Karina

      Thank you so much for signing up, Gin! It was fun to be able to get back to you so quickly. I assure you that I’m not always this quick ; ). Being in different time zones and all…

      Big hugs, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

  4. Alyson

    This looks super interesting, and I would love to win it!

    I posted this on Facebook, signed up for Karina’s newsletter, and am now commenting!

    1. Loran Hills

      You are ready to go now, Alyson!

    2. Karina

      Wow, thank you Alyson! I will be sending out the letter asap. I wish you could all win : ). Love, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

  5. Sara

    Holy smokes. I have google plus-ed, facebooked, tweeted, I am on Karina’s love letter list, and Loran, I am on your list and follow you to the ends of the earth! (Uh, Google +, Twitter, Facebook). Sorry I’m so slow, it’s been a busy day!

    1. Loran Hills

      No worries, Sara. Job interviews are important!

    2. Karina

      Yay! Thank you, Sara! I have been reading lots of your blog posts lately and they are awesome. You sure have a gift when it comes to putting your feelings into words. I am very impressed : ). Big hugs, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

  6. Leila Lloyd-Evelyn

    Subscribed to you dearest (how the heck wasn’t I already?!?) + Karina’s blog. Now off to FB shout about this. Oooweeee!!!!

    Leila XXX
    Leila Lloyd-Evelyn recently posted..Shhhh, maybe I’m an artist! (My creative process.)My Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      I’m not sure how come you weren’t subscribed to my newsletter, Leila! A terrible oversight to be sure, so glad it is now rectified.

    2. Karina

      Great to meet you, Leila! I just befriended you on Fb and I will be checking out your blog as soon as I have a minute. Love, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

  7. Michelle M

    Am I allowed to enter? :)

    You know I already follow you everywhere and I just signed up with Karina!

    1. Loran Hills

      Of course you are, Michelle! You should be getting extra points for doing such a fabulous job on my website and for being so patient with me.

    2. Karina

      Thank you, Michelle and I stalk Loran too ; ). Btw the website looks great! Love, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

  8. Natasha

    This is SO awesome!! I LOVE that your entire site has such a party feel..i want to celebrate YOU and EVERY single lovely person you have here!! I want to enter..so I’m leaving a comment and will be following Katrina and I already follow you and grab your rockin’ newsletter that I SOO look forward to…so all that’s left to do is cartwheel!!!!! YAY!!! xoxoxo

    1. Loran Hills

      The party ain’t over yet, either! Wheeee! Going through the first of May!!!!!

    2. Karina

      Yay! I totally agree : ). Except for the cartwheeling. I am 38 going on 90 years old so that could be difficult, ha, ha! Love, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

  9. Stefanie

    Oh yes, a little angelic guidance would be really appreciated right now! I subscribed to Loran’s Heart newsletters a while back, follow Loran’s Heart on Google+ and have just signed up to follow Karina’s blog by mail. Fingers crossed! :o) Stef

    1. Loran Hills

      Best of luck! If you don’t win, Emmanuelle Lambert has a clarity session she is offering as well.

    2. Karina

      Thank you, Stef and I look forward to meeting you again – in one way or another : ). Love, Karina
      Karina recently posted..My Most Beautiful ThingMy Profile

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