Newton’s First Law of Motion


I’ve been thinking about Newton’s First Law of Motion.  I’m no physicist but I do know about inertia and momentum as it works in my life.  An object at rest (me full of pie and cookies) wants to stay at rest.  An object in motion (me learning how to run my business) stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force (kids home for Christmas).  Most of my energy since before Thanksgiving has been spent shopping, cooking, shopping, baking, shopping, wrapping and decorating.

It’s winter and I feel like the fire pit in my picture, covered with snow and with no flame.  I’ve always worked for someone else.  Even when I built programs from nothing, there were directives, supervisors and funding agents that I was responsible to.  Now it’s just me.  Not only am I learning the ropes of being an entrepreneur, I have to learn how to motivate myself.  I don’t have a system of accountability (yet) so it’s easy to drop things and spend time with my family and friends.

I was taught in school that there are two types of people:  racehorses and turtles.  I hang out with racehorses and envy their energy levels but I am a turtle by nature.  Now that I’ve been putting my heart “out there” for a little while, I have an urge to pull into my shell and go to sleep.  Especially now that Christmas is over.  Nobody is lighting my fire.  I’m aware of losing momentum.  Launching a new business is exhilarating and energizing but now three months later, the thrill is wearing off and reality is sinking in.  Having a business requires work and focus!

So, if an object at rest is required to become an object in motion, how does that happen?  I’m open to suggestions from others about how you stay motivated and stay accountable to the goals you set.


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  1. gina

    What a wonderful writer you are Loran :). I love your pics and reading your posts.

    hmmm…..yes, the motivating monster……where do we find ours?

    I feel like I’ve been a turtle for the past week……my auto-immune issue has resurfaced so I’m back on beta blockers and my body has to get used to them again, but I’m grateful to them for keeping my symptoms at bay while I work on getting my body back in balance….so while I usually am more like a racehorse…..or maybe not quite that fast, more like a fox, lol, I’ve been more like a turtle this past week :).

    But what truly has been helping me more in the last couple months, is getting more organized. I now have a big wall calendar and a smaller organizer that I am laying out all my ideas, projects and, hopefully, marketing ideas….it’s the marketing that I’m not great at, but am determined to learn more about it this coming year……….and once I learn, will integrate it in a way that works and feels good to me.

    Also, having a coach has helped me tremendously too. I’m always motivated afterwards and I truly have gotten more done and been doing more since having one. And being a coach, I can see the progress of my clients as well.

    wishing you many motivating moments :).
    much love!!!
    gina recently posted..The Year of No ExcusesMy Profile

  2. Loran Hills

    Gina, I’m sorry to hear that your auto-immune problem flared up. I guess it’s time for self-care.

    I definitely need to be more organized. Unfortunately, I created an office space in my daughter’s room. When she came home everything spilled out all over the floor and I can barely walk to the computer! She will go back to school on the 1st and I can regroup. Marketing is a challenge but I’ll be spending more time on that too.

  3. gina

    let’s share our marketing learnings! :)
    gina recently posted..To Flow with Change, Breathe It InMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      Oh, you are ON for that one, girlfriend!

  4. Gaelyn

    I keep reminding my unmotivated self that when the time is right it will happen. So far that’s working. Distraction could be my middle name hyphenated with Procrastination.

    1. Loran Hills

      Distraction and procrastination are familiar to me too, Gaelyn. I try not to beat myself up too much over it, though.

  5. kazari

    I’m a big believer in seasons and cycles. If you are a turtle, you NEED down time between creative spurts! Danielle Laport writes a lot about scheduling time for burnout into your plans. I prefer not to get to that stage.
    When I am needing to get moving again, I find a planning day is a good place to start, with the idea of building a list of very small tasks to get rolling again.

    1. Loran Hills

      I have been severely burned out and didn’t enjoy it. I would rather not plan for it, either, Kazari. It’s better to practice self-care early on.

  6. Robyn

    I’ve lost my motivation many times in the past 2 years. Lost it completely. What works for me is having a notepad nearby to jot ideas down at odd times (the best ideas come to me at inconvenient times). I also acknowledge and am proud of progress, even if it’s baby steps.

    I’d love to hear your marketing ideas as well, ladies!
    Robyn recently posted..Joy Through the GriefMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      It’s easier to acknowledge what we haven’t done than what we have done, Robyn. I do try to keep my accomplishments in mind.

  7. Square-Peg Karen

    Such great ideas people have shared here, Loran!

    I am most definitely a turtle and struggle with the same thing you mentioned — how to get moving with my business during the turtle-rest times.

    I do think organizing is helping me (not to say I have that all figured out, but i’m working on it like I never have before due to realizing that it will help me) – and I can see that planning for my turtle-rest periods will help a LOT (at least if I talk about them ahead of time clients and readers won’t be surprised that I’ve gone missing) – and Robyn’s idea, about keeping notes that inspire, I like that…

    For me (and maybe for you, too??) I think there’s still something smoldering in that fire pit, regardless of what the picture looks like from outside — it might just be building slowly in the turtle-rest times (I am a great believer in cycles, as kazari mentioned above) – and will flame up and be ready to warm a great area when the time is right,
    Square-Peg Karen recently posted..A Gift for YOUMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      Karen, you are absolutely right, there is a little fire smoldering in the pit that will flame up soon!

  8. Sandra

    I know it too well. Thank you for this honest post. What helps me getting motivated (if I *want to* ;)) is:

    ~ reading blogs of others
    ~ finding a team to work with
    ~ pretending that I’m playing = starting with a tiny step of work I like to gain momentum

    But maybe it’s just time to relax for you now? Declare these following days until your daughter will depart as “vacation with family”. You can be diligent when she’s gone. The new year will bring new energy with it. Enjoy the rest :) So will I.

    1. Loran Hills

      Sandra, reading other blogs is actually more distracting for me than motivating, sometimes it’s downright discouraging if I start comparing myself so I don’t always do that. I do know that I will be more diligent when I can get on a schedule of my own next year.

  9. Tanja

    I really enjoyed this post, Loran. I’m the kind of person who tends to work in phases – I throw myself into something wholeheartedly for a bit, but the motivation never lasts… so even though I’m riding a wave of excitement and motivation right now, I know the point you’re at now is only a matter of time for me.

    So I’m reading everyone else’s responses in the hope that I can learn something that will help ahead of time – thanks for asking the question :-)

    Blessings – TANJA
    Tanja recently posted..Monday Resource Review: today I’m loving… Weebly.comMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      Tanja, I think I’m like you, I throw myself in until the motivation wanes. But I do know that it will return.

  10. Karina

    Thank you for this lovely post, Loran! Like some of you have already said, I think it’s very important to accept and learn to listen to your inner rythm. I like doing lots of things fast but since I’ve become a mom (= no sleep and dependant on the kids needs ; ) I’ve had to really listen to my own rythm.

    I think that if you move when you feel the urge to then that is the right tthing to do. And then there are times of rest. If I feel like I’ve been really lazy and slow, I decide to do 2 or 3 truly important things and then I do them. That makes me feel good enough about being so slow that I can continue until that phase is over.

    I think these phases are the way we are meant to be and our society is so inhuman that we feel bad when we’re not productive all the time. If we move whe n it is right for us we are so much more efficent and happy doing it than if we force ourselves.

    Ooops! This turned out to be a very long comment : ). Anyway, go turtle!

    Big hugs from your Goddess Sister,

    Karina recently posted..Lucky me! Look at this gorgeous necklace : )My Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      I think finding my inner rhythm is a pretty new experience, Karina. I probably have spent too many years responding to the needs of others first so I’m working on discovering my own now. I totally agree that our society is not set up to be compatible with human nature! No one can be productive all the time.

  11. Petrea

    Well I know exactly what you are talking about Loran! Sometimes I’m a turtle sometimes I’m a race horse- the ebs & flows you could call them I guess.

    I think the biggest thing that keeps me going is routine. When my rountine changes (like the holidays & having the kids around) then I of course have a different focus – which is to be expected. So I have to built in pockets of time that are just for keeping these little business routines going.

    I’m like Robyn too in that I carry something (usually my iphone) around with me to type in ideas or beginnings of posts, meditations for ecourses and so forth. This helps tremendously as a starting point for when I am feeling stuck.

    Thanks for the post Loran its comforting to know that others sometimes struggle with this as well.
    Petrea recently posted..Receiving the New Year with Open ArmsMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      I don’t have an iPhone but I do have a notebook with a pen in my purse I have used to jot down ideas. I also have a section in a bigger notebook for blog post ideas. If I doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get remembered!

  12. FaerieD

    God alive do I know what you are talking about Loran! I’m a turtle, or a sleepy snake, fast when I HAVE to be but happy to bask in the sun the rest of the time.
    I think having real-life people who are doing the same kind of things you are, friendly race horse people, helps. It’s really helping me at the moment :D

    1. Loran Hills

      I like the sleepy snake image, Demi, because I am fast when I have to be. It’s good for us we are surrounding with friendly race horse people!

  13. Hibiscus Moon

    Firstly, I LOVE physics so this grabbed me right away! I also love that photo. Amazing. So, this time of year, this is natural. Its the energies in the No. Hemi. to feel this way rigth now due to the lack of sunlight. So I feel its good to go inwards & contmeplate. Then, when you feel ready, go get inspired. Read only your most inspiring books, blogs, etc. & let them light the fire under you! Right down your plans & after contemplating them for a while you’ll be more motivated then the momentum will build & you’ll be off & running. :)
    Hibiscus Moon recently posted..Crystals to Protect You From the ComputerMy Profile

    1. Loran Hills

      Hibiscus Moon, I’m really intrigued with quantum physics because it’s getting closer to what spiritual teachers have been saying all along.

      Thanks for the good suggestions!

  14. Lily of the Valley

    Nothing wrong with being a turtle Loran!

    Remember the story of the turtle and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race! And even a turtle doesn’t stay inside its shell all the time. To everything there is a season….my goodness aren’t I just full of aphorisms today? ;)

    I think this time between the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the ramping up of the New Year is meant to be a time of stepping back and looking inside for answers about “What’s next?”.

    I also think that motivation problems are more likely when we jump into something without enough of that prior contemplation about what we really want. When we have an idea about what that is, all we need to do is just take that first tiny step, which will naturally lead to the next and the next. It’s when we try to see the whole picture ahead of time that we get overwhelmed and stopped by inertia because the ego thinks it has to do it all by itself.

    But Spirit is on our side and the more consciously we lean on it, the more we see the help that’s always available.

    Much love and light!

    1. Loran Hills

      Lily of the Valley, I think about the turtle and the hare a lot! I have been spending time reviewing 2011 and setting intentions for 2012. It’s a good time to regroup late at night when everyone else is sleeping.

      May the love and light shine back on you!

  15. Linnette Dooley

    Hi Loran – this is what works for me. It is all about releasing and remembering. When I have lost my enthusiasm or drive I have learned that what is really going on with me is that I am buried under a mountain of other peoples energy in my space. We women are so good at taking it on! What I have to do is my meditation practice. Release, release, release – until I am back to just me and my passion. Release other peoples expectations, my own oversize expectations, performing for anyone but me, a lifetime of bogus programming. And then remembering who I am and what works for me. Find that place inside where you are only responsible for you, where you know what you love. Return to the basics. Keep it simple. Close the door and hole up until you find you! It is all that really matters.
    Linnette Dooley recently posted..Reseeding the FeminineMy Profile

  16. Loran Hills

    That is awesome advice, Linnette! Because I do get buried under other people’s energy. Thank you so much.

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