What does your Treasure Map look like?

When I was a little girl I liked to make Treasure Maps and go on fantasy adventures.  When I decided to launch my own business I had so many feelings and fears.  I decided to make a Treasure Map to help me find my way towards meeting my goals.

Here’s how it turned out:

Are you on a Quest?  What does your treasure map look like?  Try making one too!


Do you feel like the Hero of your own story?  Don’t you want to feel that way sometimes?  What do you need to do on the Epic Journey of your own life? What do you want to accomplish?


Go on an adventure and find the treasures that having been hiding inside of you.  You know they are there!


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  1. Katherine

    Fifteen minutes after you left your “The Spiral Journey” flyer, I had a client inquire about your class and I gave him your contact details. Good luck with your journey breaking a new path.

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